The Company

DRILL PAC SRL has been founded in 2018, as a strategic operation between two important Italian Companies:

· Pacchiosi Drill, a world leader in soil consolidation works, and

· Ghella, one of the largest multinational Italian groups working in the field of complex infrastructures, specialized in tunneling.

This combination has given life to a company highly specialized in Jet-Grouting techniques.

Pacchiosi Drill, founded in 1972, has always been focused on Jet-Grouting utilization, a Japanese technique from the early ’70s.

Thanks to research and development within the geotechnical field, Pacchiosi Drill has acquired an enviable experience in this specific sector. The Company has started producing new special equipment for soil consolidation, and was the first to develop automated worksites utilizing:

· perforating machines

· mixers for the preparation of cement blends · high-pressure pumping systems and

· special accessories,

that have allowed the use of Jet-Grouting technology for the widest range of purposes. These include: consolidation, waterproofing, support and stabilization in underground constructions, or in deep foundations.

In the early ‘80s, the Company has started using its own personnel as well as specifically designed and developed equipment, to perform special works in all the fields in which the Jet-Grouting technique could be applied. Excellent results in terms of quality, dimensions and productivity have been achieved placing the Company amongst the sector’s World leaders.